Type of doors

Exterior doors

Crossed by horizontal lines with salient relief, the Vog door offers a style that is both simple and graceful. Dare to finish in a flamboyant color that will make it the emblematic style of your home.

Give your entrance a unique character by adding decorative appliqués. A simple addition that gives a new look to the Uno, Vog, Era and Oso doors from our Design collection.


Collection: Designer


Standard sizes offered:

33 ¾”, 35 ¾” × 79”

33 ¾”, 35 ¾” × 84”

33 ¾”, 35 ¾” × 95”

Maximum non-standard dimensions for made-to-measure:

33 3/4" to 35 3/4" x 70" to 79"
Possible constructions

N600: Regular construction (solid), white Polytex steel

N700: Regular construction + vinyl cap (very strong), white Polytex steel

N900: Reinforced construction + vinyl cap option (extremely strong), designed for multipoint hardware, white Polytex steel

NHP: High performance system. (extremely strong) 2.25" overlay door with air seal around the entire perimeter of the panel. 30% thicker white Polytex steel.