Installateurs de portes et fenêtres d'expérience

Doors and windows installation

A doors and windows installer working in the regions of Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, Brossard and others places on the South Shore.

With Solux Doors dans Windows, you are assured of a peerless installation according to the strictest standards and realized by experienced installers. You will be assured of a superior durability and will be able to hope for the best possible performance from your new doors and windows.

Before making the delivery and sending a team on field, we will consult you to determine the most appropriate way to make the installation regarding the weather and season constraints and the duration of your project.

We can make installations in all seasons due to techniques and working methods adapted to minimize the climatic inconveniences (the cold and the snow in winter or the rains of spring and fall, for example).

During the installation of your new doors and windows, we have to follow some steps to be sure that the work will meet up to the best standards in the industry.

  1. Preparation of the construction site is used to clear the space from everything that can harm the installers or present a risk for health and security during the work. This task is mainly done by the owner of the house and it should normally be done before the delivery and the arrival of the installation team.
  2. The withdrawal of the old doors and windows is made by area so we don't let unprotected openings between the periods of work, according to the duration and the size of the project. We only remove what we have time to replace.
  1. The inspection of the openings is used to assure their good condition before the installation. All the openings must be solid and square to guarantee a good fixation of the doors and windows, but also to make sure everything will work properly and will be sealed.
  2. The preparation of the openings will be done if the inspection reveals weaknesses or irregularities. It's also at this step that we adjust the size of the opening to accommodate the size of the new door or window to be installed.
  1. The installation is used to adjust the door or window in its opening to make it square, levelled and firmly and permanently fixed.
  2. The insulation and the sealing are used to assure the sealing of everything. It's done from the inside and the outside.
  3. The finishing is the step where we add the last touch (flashings, rebates, trim mouldings and door step).
  1. The cleaning of the work site is used to pick up the installation material and the construction wastes. The old doors and windows and other regulated materials are being transport to a recycling site.
  2. The final inspection is used to be sure we did not forget anything, as much during the works as during the cleaning so you'll just have to admire your new doors and windows once it's done.
* Please note that we are not responsible for alarm systems during the installation. You may have to contact your alarm system provider to reconnect your system.