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PVC windows models, bay window, sliding, double glazing or casement

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Distributor and installer of aluminum, wood, hybrid and PVC windows for residential buildings. Thermos window models (Energy Star) to save energy.


The windows of our ancestors only protected against wind and rain. Modern windows provide insulation against climatic variations (wind, rain, heat and cold) and noise. To choose the best windows for your building, it's important to know your climatic zone and to choose a window that has an energetic performance according to this zone. The Energy Star approval assure you a certified high efficiency energetic performance. It is also a product that has a smaller environmental footprint.

But not all the windows are Energy Star approved and some of them can offer superior performances even if they don't have the Energy Star seal. The Solux Doors and Windows specialists know the products very well, the constraints related to the building envelope and the different environmental constraints of the Quebec regions. This is why it's preferable to consult one of our advisors to choose the best fitted products for your home, your region and your budget.

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