Type of doors

Exterior doors

With its arched head and beveled glass panes, Bistro offers a facelift and an exceptional look to exterior renovations. A classic and natural look for sure.

Designer Tip: Pairs perfectly with Chinchilla glass.


Collection: Novatech with Orleans door



Standard Features

Energy glass: Energy glass is glass with a low emissivity surface, i.e. which reflects heat radiation. Depending on its position in the glazing, it will keep the heat in the house or prevent it from entering.

Spacer: Novatech uses aluminum spacer in stained glass products.

Argon: Argon in your glazing reduces convective heat transfer and improves energy efficiency.

Technology: Handcrafted, Novatech stained glass windows are equipped with triple glazing, the center of which has beading according to consumer taste.

Frame: The choice of frames varies according to the format of the glass.

Standard sizes

Size of sealed glass:

22×64”, 7×64”, 22×48”, 8×48”, 22×36”, 8×36”, 22×17” , 22×14 ⁷⁄₁₆”, 22×9”

Opening size:

23×65”, 8×65”, 23×49”, 9×49”, 23×37”, 9×37”, 23×18” , 23×15 ⁷⁄₁₆”

Sealed glass thickness: 1”

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