Solux’s garage doors

Quality materials

In wood, aluminum, steel ... our garage doors are made from the material of your choice. So, depending on your budget, the configuration of your garage and the style you want, you must choose the material that will be most suitable. If you do not know which material would be best for your situation, our experts will be happy to help you and give you the best advice according to your needs.

Designed for all styles

Thanks to the many customization options available, you can define the garage door that will best match your facade and the style of your property. Indeed, you have the possibility to add windows or embossed depending on the look you want to give it. We also offer a wide selection of colors to allow you to harmonize your facade with a garage door the same color as your front door and your windows.

Resistant, made to last

Solux’s garage doors are also known for their resistance to any event. Indeed, our doors are designed to withstand shocks, weather conditions and endure our harsh winter. In addition, they are extremely robust and protect you from intrusions. So, be sure to have a garage door that ensures your safety and keeps the same aspect over the years.

Installed by our experienced technicians

To ensure your safety and the durability of your garage door, its installation is carried out by our team of specialists who puts at your disposal their skills and their know-how. They respect the safety standards in force and carry out your work while taking care to respect your deadlines. So you can have peace of mind.