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Doors and windows installation team

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We are looking for an installation team counting about 2-3 people.


Description of the job:

The team will have to:

-Pass by the store to pick up the material that has to be installed during the day.

- Put the products in his truck (trailer or cube or others).

- Go to the client's place in the Montreal and Laval area.

- Install products according to the industry standards and be conscious of the different laws about doors and windows installation.

- Collect the balance of payment from the client at the end of the work.

- Come back to the store to give a feed back to the person in charge of the installations.


Conditions of employment:

- Must have his own vehicle.

- Must have a valid driving licence.

- Must have and use his own tools.

- Must have a valid RBQ licence.

- Must have valid taxes numbers.


Please send your candidature by email at p.rondeau@pfsolux.com.


Applications will be reviewed and we will call you back to schedule an appointment for a first meeting.


Thank you.    

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